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A word from our Program Director

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Our Office - 625 S Main St Sullivan, IN 47882

  • Eugene Hyland Maze - President

  • Dana R. Ramirez - Secretary/Program Director

  • Lisa Reid - Treasurer

  • Don Buskirk - Board Member

  • Holly Buskirk - Board Member

  • Jackie Johnson - Board Member

  • Karen Noble - Board Member


A note from the President


The Senior Society of Sullivan County was born from the heart and dedication of many people.  The members of our Board of Directors are committed to serving not only the senior citizens of Sullivan County through activities and events with the senior citizen in mind, but, as our Mission Statement says, “to give members of the group opportunity to create and support local efforts that strengthen the goals of this community.”  It has been my great pleasure to not only partner with our Board Members but to have the full support of the City of Sullivan, none more encouraging than Mayor Clint Lamb, the dependable and supportive Amber Hunt, the City Park Board’s trust in allowing use of their facility, and a host of others who have been working behind the scenes to make this dream a reality.  If you are in our age range – 55 or over – please consider joining us for one of our special off-site events or stop by during our social times at the park location.


Eugene Hyland Maze

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